About the Community Energy Showcase

The Community Energy Showcase

There’s also a lot of misinformation about climate action and climate change. That’s why The Energy Mix and Sierra Club Canada have come together to launch the Community Energy Showcase.

Providing reliable environmental coverage is where our friends at The Energy Mix excel. The Energy Mix is a community news site and e-digest on climate change, energy, and the shift off carbon. They produce original news reporting, analysis, and exposés to shine a light on the urgency of the climate emergency, the successes in getting the crisis under control, and the obstacles that still stand in the way.

But we also know that reading climate headlines takes a toll. Too often climate news isn’t good news for the environment. There’s a lot that needs to be done and Sierra Club Canada wants to make sure that in the moment that you need to take action you can. Because that’s the only way we can face the headlines every day, by taking action. 

That’s where the Community Energy Showcase comes in. In the showcase, you’ll find the latest news from The Energy Mix plus articles by Sierra Club Canada staff and supporters. You’ll also find action items like petitions, phone call campaigns, social media actions, and in-depth informational campaigns. They’ll cover things like steps you can take to demand a strong emissions cap, how to organize locally, and how to reduce indoor air pollution from wildfires on a budget. 

The Energy Mix acts as a centering point for the avalanche of climate news that appears every morning, making it easier to track the most important stories and cut through the backlog on email and social media. The Energy Mix also does a great job of balancing headlines about environmental destruction with articles about climate solutions. 

Sierra Club Canada aims to do the same in providing actions you can take that will maximize your impact on the climate emergency.

Find out more on The Energy Mix and the Sierra Club Canada’s website below!